Our signature photo book


Large prints, framed or rolled


From photos to wall art


Photo Stand

Solid wood stand with groove for prints. Easy to display, easy to change out.

  • 250

Wallsafe Washi Tape

Holds your prints tight. Peels easily off walls without ruining the paint.

  • 275

Magnetic Rope

Sleek weighted rope with tiny, super-strong magnets. Securely grips 6-8 prints.

  • 275

Welcome to #Yougraphy

Selfies. Selfies with bestie. Your family. Your friends. Your frenemies. Those you love. Your mum-in-law. Your goldfish. Your new puppy. Your new shoes. Your new car. Your beach holiday. Your trekking adventure. Your band. Your office do. Your doodles. If they are fit to shoot, they are fit to put up. At home. In your cubicle. Or in your hostel room. It’s all you. It’s #yougraphy.

Just shoot. Upload. Print. Simple.

Happy Yougraphers

Sukumar Seshadri

Got to see the new range of products from Canvera. I couldn't stop myself in getting one poster with wooden hanger from the new #Yougraphy range. All the best to team Canvera


Wow.....! I got my #Yougraphy order from Canvera. Kudos to canvera printing team for the extremely amazing quality.

Praveen Kaushik

I had ordered few products from Canvera #Yougraphy and feel great pleasure in writing that all the products ordered were really nice. I would strongly recommend Canvera to our clients and to all our friends.

The #Youspiration Blog

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