Photo Collage Posters

Collage posters are an unique way to display multiple photos on your wall if you find it difficult to choose just one. We know that you will have a huge collection of favourite photos to print and that’s why we have introduced the all new large collage posters. Making a photo collage poster online is super convenient now, with us. Upload any number of photos from your phone, FB or Instagram. Choose the size and collage template. Click print. Your job is done.



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Happy Yougraphers

Virendra Kumar, I purchased products from your web, it was easy to purchase the different styles of products on the site. Very pleased with the outcome and how quickly they arrived. Would definitely recommend to family and friends.

We shop for and source natural white paper that perfectly reproduces all the detail and colours in your photo. Thick, tear resistant, scratch proof and spill proof, your posters will take anything Indian weather can throw at them.

Paper Finish

240 GSM satin finish microporous paper.

  • Tear Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Vivid Colour
  • Perfect for India weather

Size Guidelines

Pair it with a cool display accessory

Magnetic Hangers

Wooden hanger with built-in magnets to grip your prints without damage.

  • 899

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