Square Prints

Gorgeous, pin-sharp, high quality square prints. From workstation-friendly 4”x4”s to frame-worthy 10”x10”s for your living room wall. If you have the photos, we have the prints.

Shipped in 2-7 business days.

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Happy Yougraphers

Garima, Every photographer wishes to get their pictures at an affordable price. Digital collection is nothing as compared to a matte finish picture in your hands! Had a great experience with Canvera

Cutting-edge Indigo photo printing for detail and colours like you’ve never seen. That’s a promise from the Canvera lab! Choose from heavy gloss, heavy matte or heavy velvet puncture-resistant, bend-proof paper when you shop.

Paper Finish

  • Glossy

    Imported 300 GSM, triple coated paper. Shiny, saturated, detailed, sharp prints that pop.

  • Matte

    Imported 300 GSM, triple coated, textured. Rich, understated, non-reflective, smudge-free.

  • Scuff-Free Velvet

    Imported 300 GSM, triple coated, pearl-like texture. Saturated, contrasty, minimally reflective.

Size Guide

Pair it with a cool display accessory

Photo Stand

Solid wood stand with groove for prints. Easy to display, easy to change out.

  • 349

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